Project 365-March

I have been getting lazy with this project that I’m trying to do :(. Working 10 hours a day and not being able to have a camera in my building makes it tough. There are so many things I would love to photograph at work! But alas, I’m going to have to start trying harder. I haven’t picked all of my photos for March yet, and I think I may have missed a couple more days already…Here is what I have:

March 1:
Muffins!! These were delicious 🙂 Whenever I hear muffins I think of this video.


Project 365-February

February 28:
Am I really this lazy now? 😥

February 27:
Hopefully on my other camera…

February 26:

  • Fresh tracks in Devil’s Castle! I thought this was very peaceful looking (Even though there were alot of people standing behind me).
  • Also in Devil’s Castle, I just liked how this turned out.

February 25:
My Mom’s Birthday! I’m not sure where pics are from that…

February 24:
I am a slacker…

February 23:
Mmmmmm donuts. 😀

February 22:

February 21:
A small jeweled piano of my Mom’s.

February 20:
I think I took another picture like this earlier of these same trees. I just really like these trees…

February 19:
Some wall decorations I put up.

February 18:

  • I love clouds 😉
  • I tried to make up for missing a picture on the 17th. So here are some more clouds.

February 17:
I’m slacking… 😦

February 16:
I was stuck at a light for a long time and decided to take pics inside my car and liked how this turned out.

February 15:
I’m not sure if I forgot to take a picture this day or if it is on another camera. I’ll have to look…

February 14:
One of my favorite skiing photos I have taken. I cropped it to cut out a few things on the side that I thought were distracting. This way seemed to fit the photo better also.

February 13:
My friends cat Scoober! She enjoyed the camera and will go back and take more pictures even though my friend makes fun of me.

February 12:
I hiked up to get here. After falling off the High Traverse a couple times I made it up to this run called Gunsight (I think). The snow was great and I liked this shot with BJ looking out to what we are about to ski down 🙂

February 11:
My old skis before I got my new ones. (Eventually I’ll take a picture of those new ones as well.)

February 10:
Kelly studying. I was playing with taking pics from different angles. I’m also not used to taking portraits of people. Snapshots on the other hand, I have many of those…

February 9:
My baby. It’s more blurry than I thought though. On my camera screen it looked better.

February 8:
Beautiful sunset! I was facing the wrong way though. Good thing for this mirror! 😉 The Trax lines seem to frame it well also.

February 7:
Vroom vroom! Actually I was sitting in my driveway hehe

February 6:
One of my absolute favorites so far. At Alta, someone had side stepped up this little hill, with Devil’s Castle in the background. I don’t know why but I love this one. 😀

February 5:
Park City, Utah. The clouds looked awesome. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

February 4:
Another blurry one. It was still my favorite of the night. It looks like Annie is going really fast! 🙂

February 3:
A little purse thing I have. It’s very handy and I love the design.

February 2:
I love pistachios. Delicious! This was taken with my new camera! I think…

February 1:
I know, I know. It’s blurry. I thought it looked creepy!

Project 365-January

Day 31:
I’ll have to find this one too. On to February!

Day 30:
Driving down the Parley’s Canyon after skiing at the Canyons. I cropped out the cars in front of us and the road. 🙂

Day 29:
Sun dog means snow within 5 days!!! We got a little bit, but I wish it was more still. This is a stitch of around 6 pictures since I couldn’t see the screen of my camera looking into the sun with my ski goggles on. The stitch turned out better than I thought.

Day 28:
Um…I’m not sure where this one went. I’ll have to check my other cameras. Hopefully up soon!

Day 27:
My first memory card for my first digital camera and my new memory card 5 years later…I love technology.

Day 26:
My diploma!! It’s now official! I have a Bachelor of Science 🙂

Day 25:
I ended up really liking this one :). My ironing board says iron with the iron on it, isn’t that ironic?

Day 24:
I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!! And here it is! 😀 I took pics of it with my old Cybershot as well as my Alpha 100. For some reason I liked the ones taken with my Cybershot better than the Alpha today. But I’m really excited about my new camera!

Day 23(2):
At my sister’s boyfriend’s house after skiing. The little dog looked so comfy!

Day 23(1):
Some people don’t like the flash with the snow, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love how the flakes jump out at you with the light of the flash. It gives the photo a little more pop in my opinion.

Day 22(2):
This one is ok. I always love sitting on the lift and looking around. Also to pick out my line.

Day 22(1):
I forgot/was too lazy to do this for a couple days so here are a few to make up for it taken on the 22nd and 23rd up at Alta. These are my fresh tracks during a big storm!! Well after but they were great turns and I LOVED the Volkl Auras I demoed. I want those skis soooo bad now…

Day 19:
This one is smaller as it was taken with my phone. It is my new background on it. I like the composition of it even though it isn’t the best quality.

Day 18:
Not the greatest one but the best I could do in my car stopped at a light this day. Regardless, GO UTES!!

Day 17:
Panorama of a few photos up at Deer Valley. I like this one 🙂

Day 16:
Wow. Time to catch up…Ok swim meet, I was announcing and took this as they started. I like the movement.

Day 15:
This is what happens when there is chocolate in my sight. It’s gone! And yes I am actually eating those right now. All of them.

Day 14:
My dusty lamp. I tried to get it really clear just by holding it but once I put it on here, it wasn’t as clear as it looked. Oh well. Next time I will get my tripod out…if only I could find it. By the way, I’m done with work for the week! Yay! Done with my first week of a real job! The 10 hour day wasn’t as bad either. Maybe I’m getting used to it.

Day 13:
Another attempt at being creative after work. I can’t really remember what this originally was but I put a candle in it now. I’m happy with how this turned out!

Day 12:
On my way home from work. It looked better on my camera’s screen but I do like the halo around the lights because of the smog. I hope the snow that is supposedly coming blows that away.

Day 11:
I need to start getting more creative, since I now work 10 hours a day and am not allowed to have my camera in the building at work. Gasp! I feel so lost without it! I also can’t take any pics with my phone! This is a lamp I have in my apartment. I’m not particularly fond of this one but it’s all I could do after my first 10 hour day. Sigh, I hope I get used to that soon.

Day 10:
Saw Avatar in 3D IMAX today and got my headlights fixed at last! George’s mom had this lily and I thought the light was hitting it really good. It’s pretty! The one reason I want spring is to take pictures of flowers! Otherwise, bring on the snow!! Let’s go skiing!

Day 9:
Skiing again! This time at Park City. We need more snow! It is pathetic how much is not covered yet. Bring on the snow! This is taken from the top of the old Ski Team lift looking over downtown Park City. The mountains look smaller from up here because I am on a bigger one. 😉

Day 8:
Went to the Tracy Aviary today with my Aunt and Uncle who are in town and took alot of bird pictures. I wish I would have brought my DSLR but for some reason I decided to be lazy and didn’t want to carry it. Stupid Jen…Anyway, this one is my favorite. I like the angle of the feathers. 🙂

Day 7:
Got some new shoes for work! I hope these ones don’t give me blisters!

Day 6:
Skiing at Alta again 🙂 Too bad the light was flat, the clouds were spitting ice chunks at us, and it was just warm enough so that the “snow” melted on my clothes and sunk it a bit then froze again to make it even colder! (You can’t see it but usually you can see the slopes below us. It’s not that far below but you can’t tell. It was really hard to ski on it.) My friend Cory came with for his first time ever! It was fun and he was actually pretty good.

Day 5:
My last day at my internship at Harman Music Group. This is one of the products that I did most of my work on. I will miss everyone at that job and will try to keep in touch with them. I’m excited for my new job but also very nervous. I’m not going to be an intern any more, but an actual software engineer. Wish me luck!

Day 4:
My sister’s boyfriends dog playing with some toy. I thought he looked ferocious!

Day 3:
In the car waiting for my parents to get gas. Just playing with my camera and this was my favorite one.

Day 2:
Skiing at Alta! It was a really good day nice soft snow and we found a secret powder stash! I’m not telling you where it is! It’s MINE!

Day 1:
All right, here is my first photo of my 365 Photo Project. I took this one after our new year’s dinner. It’s a just a candle holder on our table for Christmas. 🙂 Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Welcome 2010

Interesting year. Many things have happened…No more swimming. No more school. I start a full time job on January 11 where I will be programming for a military and defense contractor. Scary. I’m no longer a student or an athlete. Two things that I have been pretty much my entire life. Weird…

My cousin from Connecticut (only one of them, the other two are lame…) came out to visit at last! Then we went back out there for a couple weeks. I did a triathlon this summer and am thinking about doing one or two again this year. I need to start training again though. I went to visit Kelly out at Occidental for spring break and has an awesome time! I’m sure there are other things but all I can think of right now is on this page. Enjoy some pics from through the past year!

Tyson Me Kelly and Maddy


I'm dying after the tri

Me and Nat after my last meet ever

Me and the fam up at Silver Lake

The Fredsall Clan

We're On a BOAT! We are obsessed...

We are so sweet

The only action Jason has ever gotten...

We can flyyyyyyyy

My Future...Crazy Cat Lady

Also, in lieu of my love for pictures and taking them, for the next year I have decided to do a 365 project. For those who don’t know what this is, basically I take a photo everyday of this next year. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it and I hope that I will too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Don’t take anything for granted, think about what you are thankful for every day 😀

I am thankful for my family. I don’t show it all the time, but I really should.

I am thankful for my friends. They are always there for me and I try to be there for them whenever they need it.

I am thankful for my job. I just got a new job that is starting in January. In this economy, I am lucky to get a job, especially being a recent college grad. (Well, I will be next month!)

I am thankful for my education. I have learned so much in my school career. I can’t believe it’s almost over.

There are many other things as well but these are just some of them. Have a great holiday everyone!


I got a new car!! My poor Saturn had a laundry list of things wrong with it…

  • Check engine light has been on pretty much for a year

    Damn you light...

    Damn you light...

  • Neither of the back windows worked, and the front ones were getting pretty sticky as well
  • There numerous pieces in the trunk that had fallen off, as well as the “Oh Shit” handle in the back seat
  • Zip ties were the only thing holding the side of my car on

    Zip Ties

    Zip Ties

  • The (giant) scratch from when I was moving into an apartment on my birthday while it was 100+ degrees outside that’s been there for 2 years



Although it had it’s problems, I did love that car. For the most part it has been good to me. It was pretty much the only car I have driven. There are many memories in that car. It was time for it to go, winter is on its way and I have places I need to be. That little plastic pile that I called a car wasn’t so happy when it snowed…Good bye 1998 Saturn SL2! You shall be missed.

Poor Poor Saturn

Poor Poor Saturn

Despite its many problems, we still got $300 for a trade in! I was very surprised. Anyway, on to the new car! 😀 It’s a 2001 Subaru Outback, ABS and AWD, which the Saturn did not have and hence struggled in the snow. Definite UPGRADE!




Once again I’m a slacker, and haven’t been updating. Nothing really exciting has been going on. UUuuumm…I got my advanced scuba certification in Wendover last weekend, but the highlight was definitely hanging out with the people in my class on Saturday night. It was so much fun!
Right now it’s fall break and the swim team is going through the hell that is peak week. Luckily this year I only have to watch but it makes me feel super fat and out of shape watching them practice and think how I used to be able to do that and now there’s no way I could.
I’ll be starting a ski conditioning class next week which I think will be fun.
Let’s see…that’s really about it. Just working and schooling and “coaching” the swimmers. It’s weird to think that I graduate in December. It’s only 2 months away. Sigh…I guess I have to grow up someday. I’m going to try to do better at this.